Josies Loose Leaf Teas

Josie's Teas uses natural, unadulterated ingredients for tea lovers. Real fruits, flowers, and spices add rich, complex flavors to food that a lab cannot duplicate. So we have developed tight ties with outstanding tea gardens that value fairness, flavor, and quality.

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Our Best Selling Teas

Josie's Teas uses the best available herbs, teas, spices, and botanicals to blend teas. In addition, we carefully package them in appealing, considerate packing that accurately reflects the deliciousness inside. 

About Us

Slowly birthed from a lifelong dream, Josie’s Teas became a reality in June 2015. Recognizing that tea is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world, Josie’s Teas owner, Theresa Shelton decided to share her dream and passion with others in the community and other tea lovers across the country.

Josie’s Teas vows to provide you with an exceptional experience. Where all teas are packaged with integrity, and sealed with a kiss, while every cup sipped defines the finest quality.

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Josies Teas Collections

Josie's teas invite you to explore a variety of flavors in every box. A heavenly combination is ideal for any occasion, from calming herbal teas to energizing black and green teas to refreshing cold brew, iced teas, and everything in between.


We aim to improve people's lives by offering wholesome products while upholding our dedication to our clients, principles, and the environment.

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