BAI Mu Dan

BAI Mu Dan


BAI MU DAN comes from the top two leaves and bud of the tea bush, which can be shade dried and/or lightly fired.  This gives the BAI MU DAN a pale cup color and delicate, nutty aroma.  The flavor is delicate and complex, with toasty, slightly sweet floral notes and a clean aftertaste.  It is rich in antioxidants and could help you lose weight and protect your teeth from bacteria.  Compounds in White Tea may protect against osteoporosis.

People with a fever should avoid drinking white tea because it has caffeine and will increase body temperature.  Patients with liver disease should not drink white tea.  The caffeine in the tea needs to be metabolized by the liver.  Patients with Neurasthenia, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and patients with anemia should avoid drinking white tea.


Josie’s Teas with BAI MU DAN:

Prairie Spiced Pear

White Mountain White Tea


For the Benefits section:

Jasmine Pearl Tea Benefits

--the catechins stop the oxidizing process so blood pressure and cholesterol levels decrease and long-term threats like heart disease can be prevented

--beneficial in lowering blood and liver cholesterol effects.

--safe to drink in amounts up to 8 cups a day for some people

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